Dealer & Distributor Training

There is a lot to learn: ( It is assumed that you have studied the site before training begins)

This is Basic Training for a special product:

 Is There Really a Need For Pain Management: 

Pain is something that every living person will experience many times throughout their life, therefor everyone is a potential customer.  If we can truly resolve this need with our product, then success for all is at hand.  My testimony to you, is that Pain Eraser will accomplish this deed with a level of performance like you and your customers have never before witnessed.  If you are truly convinced of this, then your task will be reduced to truth and simple communication. 

     There is a huge demand for a drug free alternative in our environment today.  It is available in your hand, and cost effective.  Fill that need and you will have a warm feeling in your heart and a jingle in your pocket for your efforts and concerns.

     This training is exciting.  There is no other Pain Management product that employs the unique ingredients and  creative processes you will find in  This is not hype, you will see the true difference as we progress .

     When it comes to price, there really is no competition either.  you have the cheep, over the counter junk that is full of water and alcohol & one or two of our ingredients.  You could probably make a gallon of their stuff from one 3 oz. bottle of full strength, undiluted PainEraserRollon.   We have a couple of  competitors, but when you calculate their price per ounce, they no longer exist.  One charges $49.95 for one ounce ( that is  $ 149.85 compared to 3 oz. Pain Eraser  -  the other one is  $24.75 for a I/3 oz. spray.  That's  $222.75 against PainErasers  3 oz for $39.95 )   THEN - they have no Colloidal Silver  or  Olive Leaf Extract or  100's of FREE  Side Effects  or  The ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator  or  the combination of high quality, undiluted, pure natural ingredients,  NOR were they blended in an  oxygen / heat  free environment.  

     ALL OF THAT SAID - they still don't have the super charged, Colloidal Silver Electrolyte Infusion,  that pave the way for our special Tens / EMS  -  Acupuncture  Stimulation Unit for Advanced  Pain Management and wound healing.

     FOLKS, there is simply nothing  that can come close to PainEraser.  Your job is to find the person in pain or the one that loves someone in pain.  You can sell  or talk about the 100's of Good Side Effects, but they are free to the customer.  PainEraserRollon was formulated for pain, that is what we are doing.  Christ walked the earth and healed and relieved pain with the touch of His hand,  this is as close to that feeling as you can get.


     Your knowledge and creativity will expand as you see the results and witness the stories & testimonies of your loved ones and customers.  We will have to set up a Training  Blog to harvest all of this information and history, but that will have to come a little later.

     The Training Topics  that need to be covered first:

     1.  The Who - What - When - Why - & Where of



     4.  THE  ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator - What Does it Do ?  Why do we Need it?

     5.  The COLLOIDAL SILVER INFUSION - Paves the way for Super Electrolysis Therapy





     10.  The  Unique SuperElectrolysisUnit :   A Combination of  the TENS Unit  -  The EMS             Unit  &  The  Acupuncture  Electrolysis  Stimulation  Process. 

     11.  SIDE  EFFECTS:  The Hundreds of GOOD  SIDE EFFECTS

     12.  Special Friends:  Military - First Responders  & Athletes: 

     13.  The GUARANTEE


        a.  The Produce & Kitchen Sanitizer  

        b.   Anti-bacterial Mouth Wash, Dental Support & Bathroom Sanitizer.

        c.  The Anti Flue Kit 

        d.  Animal Aid Concentrate:

        e.  Insecticide  Concentrate

        f.  Rodent Repellent Concentrate

One:  The WHO - WHAT - WHEN - WHY & WHERE of

     Much of this topic has been covered in the  Pain Eraser Story, so we will  fill in  additional information. 


3 normally costs $119.97
Dealers get all 3 for $89.88
Distributors, contact for bulk prices.

3 normally costs $119.97 Dealers get all 3 for $89.88 Distributors, contact for bulk prices.