Additional Information - on GOOD SIDE EFFECTS

    One of the unique characteristics of PainEraser is the Side Effects.  In our health care system, we are not used to them being GOOD.  The special combination of ingredients topped off with the application of the ElectroMagneticPulse Generator creates this special financial and beneficial bonus.

    There are so many Good Side Effects,  we will have to have a special section or blog to discuss them all...

To list a few of the MANY  GOOD  SIDE  EFFECTS:

-The greatest mosquito repellent you will ever find.  Rub just a little on your exposed skin and mosquito's will not even approach you for hours.  They tell us Bed Bugs are an epidemics in the USA today.   Roll a little P/E on your hand and swish it on the sheets, and they are gone.  They can not tolerate P/E.   If you travel, it is a must have.  If you have any on your body for pain, that is enough to repel them.

 -Anything P/E will do for you, it will do for your animals:  Horses, sore leg - repel flies etc. on your livestock - flees on your dog ( don't try this in the house, like I did once.)  Emergency dressing for injuries.  Ear mites, mange, 

    PainEraser is antibacterial, antibiotic, antiviral, anti mold, mildew, anti, anti, anti. Now you can see how it can do so many things it wasn't formulated to do.  PainEraser was formulated for pain - all of these Good Side Effects are yours FREE.

    Athletes foot, toe nail fungus, dozens of benefits for campers and hunters, all in one neat little 3 oz. package that you can always have with you.  It could even save your life, but that's a long story.      You pay top dollar for organic produce and give your family E.coli,  or you squeeze a few drops of P/E in a pot and swish your produce through the protective solution and save your  family $ and misery.  

See what I mean, this list doesn't end:  clean water, utensils, deodorant etc. etc