The Full Pain Eraser Story




     Pain Eraser is formulated by a Viet Nam Veteran and his partner, to deal with his severe back injury & it made his life possible.   You can have your life back too.

     Tell us about it, Captain Gray:  First, I am not a Dr.  If I was, Pain Eraser would probably not exist, because most Doctors have little knowledge or belief in Natures Pharmacy or natural cures.  In surveys, Doctors have admitted to having less than 10 hours of training in pain management and less than one course in nutrition.  My back injury was my initial driving force.  The Dr.'s told me there was nothing that could be done except some exercises.  That's where my new life of pain began.

     A few years later, it became possible for me to started a regional Wholesale Natural Food Distribution Corp. which had a large supply of Natural Health Books, herbs & herb oils available for study and testing.  I began studying the great Herbalists of the past and present such as Dr. Christopher & others.  I was a Chemical, Biological & Radiological Warfare Officer in the USAF and a graduate of Texas A&M, in Animal Nutrition, Chemistry & Biology, so the lab and research was nothing new.  

     Humans have used Natures Pharmacy for thousands of years until man became smarter than God.  Instead, I chose to ask for His help.  Pain Eraser began to come together.  

     The initial requirements called for  quick, clean penetration of the skin and muscle tissue, along with a carrying agent to move the natural ingredients to the painful area.  Muscle, tendons, ligaments,  injuries, joints and skin ailments, were the target that needed treatment.

     In the mid 1970's, Pain Eraser was born, and my back has been celebrating ever since.  Many mornings I would arise, barely able to walk.  I would apply Pain Eraser and within seconds I could walk normally.  That just isn't the way our health care system works.  For all those years I just used Pain Eraser for my self, family and friends - until...

     THE  DREAM  changed everything.

I sat up in bed at 2 AM, shaking from the startling effects of this dream.

     I was standing in front of the Pearlie Gates, and this voice said to me, " I gave you the formula to erase the pain from my children throughout the world, and what did you do with it?  You kept it for yourself."

     Oh my God, that is exactly what I have been doing.  I have been making just enough for myself, family and friends.

     Well, children, here's your Pain Eraser.  I can't take all the credit and I certainly can't charge you what the other guys do, because, hay, I am just the delivery guy.


One has a number of our ingredients and they charge $49.95 for 1 oz.  Pain Eraser is 3 oz. ( that is $150 for 3 oz.)  The other charges $24.95 for 1/3  oz. spray ( that's $225.00 for 3 oz.)  WHAT THEY DON'T HAVE IS - ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator - The Hundreds of Good Side Effects - The Colloidal Silver Infusion - The Super Electrolysis Therapy & the Undiluted, Pure, Concentrated Blend of All  Natural Ingredients from Natures Pharmacy.  Nor do they have the Ultimate in Pain Management.

Over the years of study and testing from the wisdom of the great minds from Natures Pharmacy, some obvious ingredients began to surface.

     DMSO & MSM filled the requirements for a penetrating & carrying agent of the highest degree.  MSM is basically the food grade version of DMSO, so our choice was made.  Dimethyl  sulfoxide (DMSO) is a penetrating and carrying agent like none other.   The perfect choice to carry the natural ingredients deeper & faster than virtually any other substance.

     DMSO is famous, right?  Not so much.   I have been asking Dr. for over 20 years, if they are familiar with DMSO, and a blank look is all I ever get, until once I asked an Orthodontist.   Sure, we use it for implants all the time.   It is not FDA approved, and can't be patented, so they never heard of it.   Ask any natural Dr. or one in the natural health movement and they will sing it's praise. 

     We now have the greatest penetrating /carrying agent:  WHAT NOW:

Over the years we added and subtracted ingredients until the perfect combination was attained, I thought.  My Partner wasn't through with me yet.  You know " He don't make no junk"   so the ideas kept coming at 2 AM.  Where in the world did that come from, I thought? The ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator, the Colloidal Silver Infusion, the Super Electrolysis Therapy, the 100's of Good Side Effects, Olive Leaf Extract etc.   Well The Dream answered that question.  

     The basic ingredients, blended with DMSO was far more than I ever dreamed of.  Far superior to anything that was offered by our medical system, and we hadn't even gotten to the electrolysis yet.

Peppermint?  That is toy food, or maybe not.  It ranks as one of the over all, most beneficial plants in the world.  Loaded with high concentrations of natural pesticides & pain killing agents, as well as being the origin of menthol.  As the worlds oldest medicine, it earned it way into Pain Eraser.

Clove:  contains large quantities of Eugenol, providing potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.  Prevents spoilage, effective dental properties, insect repellent & pharmaceutical services, such as pain management through it's stimulating & warming sensations.  

 Wintergreen:    Used for centuries for headaches,  nerve pain, sciatica, arthritis, asthma & inflammation.  It's aid for aching joints, sore mustles & lower back pains, fit well with the goals of Pain Eraser.  It is applied to the skin as an oil for a  counter-irritant  to relieve muscle pain and kill germs on the skin and wounds.  

  Spearmint:  the aromatic benefits to the throat & lungs are legendary as well as clearing the sinuses & increasing mental clarity.   Many, many other health aids.  

     Eucalyptus:  an expectorant & helps decongest sinuses, as well as inhibit bacteria causing sinus infections, fever and flue.  A great sleep aid and bacterial guard.  Treatment for hair lice & body parasites as well as a potent antiseptic & anti-fungal agent.  Heals wounds, ulcers, burns, cuts, abrasions & cold sores.   etc, etc......

   Menthol:  it's cooling sensation is only the beginning of it's many Pain Management benefits.  If you have a few extra hours, search it's many human aids.

Oregano:  a multi versatile essential oil with extensive uses beyond room to explain.  An unmatched anti viral / bacterial agent as well as an instant tooth ache eradicator.  A Pain Management aid with far reaching benefits. 

Olive Leaf Extract:   Adds a touch of antibiotics to Pain Eraser.  Two USA Universities found it to be as effective as Penicillin, in resent research.  Used for thousands of years and even mentioned in the scriptures. 

Aloe vera & Coconut oil:   fill the role of skin conditioners & other purposes.

Everything about PainEraserRollon has multi-pal purposes.    Aloe & coconut oil also coat the roller ball and prevent oxygen from entering the bottle as well as holding in the aromatic fumes.  Even the label is specially coated to prevent the ink from being erased by the highly concentrated formula. 

This is not the end:  

We still have the ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator -----  The Colloidal Silverf Infussion  -----and The Super Electrolysis Therapy---- and the 100's of Good Side Effects,  Covered in other areas.  IS THE ULTIMATE IN PAIN MANAGEMENT;   HERE  IS  WHY:

First:  Pain Eraser uses the best penetrating & healing agents, infused with the finest , pure, full strength, un-diluted, select herbal ingredients from Natures Pharmacy. 

Secondly:  The ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator adds that super charged difference, that you will not find in any other product.  Pain Eraser carries you beyond the usual into a new world of performance.  PainManagement like None Other.

Thirdly:  The huge array of FREE Side Effects places cost under your control and convenience at your finger tips.

Fourth:  The unmatched choice of ingredients & the unparalleled, unique blending process, with electrolysis, opens the door for the Super Electrolysis Therapy.   The deep penetrating electrolytes bring results in Pain Therapy, that has not previously been available.   

Then We Have the GUARANTEE:

We Guarantee that Pain Eraser will pay for itself, probably several times over, from wasted Dr. visits and ineffective medicine or your money back ......See the full Guarantee