The Electro-Magnetic Pulse Generator

The Original Electro Magnetic Pulse Generator


The EMPG was one of those late night Dreams

     TheElectroMagneticPulseGenerator  (EMPG)  is a shocking new development in the world of PainManagement.   This device was developed by Pain Eraser to enhance the synergistic interaction  between our ingredients during the blending process.  It is also used as a way to enhance the blend without the use of heat, which could damage the essential oils and drive off the precious aromatic fumes.  

     Within the EMPG is two rods of  99.999%  pure silver.   A portion of the current is directed through the silver rods in order to saturate  the solution with colloidal silver, for the purpose of flooding Pain Eraser with electrolytes. 

The  Colloidal Silver & Electrolite Infussion was another Dream:

      The colloidal silver that delivers the electrolytes to the Pain Eraser formula, has many beneficial healthful uses, but the electrolytes  were our goal.   These electrolytes  will pave the way for our Super Electrolysis Theropy device, that we have introduced, as a final  phase to the most complete, Pain Management  process you may ever find.


     What happens when you roll on Pain Eraser to an area with pain?  First, Pain Eraser penetrates ,  probably faster than most anything you have ever used, because it contains one of natures fastest penetrating agents and many of our ingredients are fast on their own.  We are talking about seconds, not minutes or hours.

     Secondly, Pain Eraser is pure ingredients, not diluted with alcohol or water as you find in most over the counter products.  One bottle of Pain Eraser could probably make many bottles of the over the counter junk.  These high powered ingredients last much longer and carry a much stronger impact on pain.  The high concentration  of the essential oils and other ingreddients, amplifies the synergistic interaction between the various  compounds .  The EMPG  further  encourages the performance of this super pain killing blend.

     This is where the electrolytes come into play.   Pain Eraser is applied to the skin and will penetrate & dry, on most skins, in less than one minute, and you can immediately apply the stick on electrolysis pads.  Usually this process is not needed because  Pain Eraser has taken care of the pain before you can get your electrolysis unit ready.  

     If you have nagging, reoccurring pains or injuries still in the healing phase, the electrolysis  unit will perform better than ever before possible.  These two tools will provide you with the Ultimate  in Pain Management.

     If your pain is not controlled better than ever before, then activate our Warranty.  It is like no Guarantee you have ever seen before.