SUPER Electrolysis Therapy

PainEraser Performance makes Super Electrolysis Possable:

     PairEraserRollon  is created through a harmonious interaction between  powerful, unique, all natural, super concentrated ingredients from Natures Pharmacy, in combination with twenty first century technology.

     The ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator is the technology that allows us to super enhance the synergistic interaction between the various compounds, amplifying their unique pain killing characteristics.  PainEraser is not just different, it is unique beyond anything you have probably ever experienced.  It's Pain Management capabilities will reward you with unbelievable results.  

     An oxygen & heat free environment is maintained during the blending process to prevent oxidation of the precious essential herb oils, and prevent heat from destroying the aromatic fumes. 

     The electrolysis process controls excess heating while generating a colloidal silver infusion into the finished product.  Colloidal silver has many benefits on it's own, but the electrolytes it provides, are used in our final pain killing process.

THE SUPER ELECTROLYSIS THERAPY is Made  Possible  By These Unique  Characteristics:

The Colloidal Silver Generator that supercharges the PainEraser formula with electrolytes, pave the pathway deep into the body.  The healing and pain eradicating electrical frequencies are able to penetrate deeper and faster than ever before possible.  Even your old Tens unit will work much better.

Many people have a Tens Unit or a Muscle Relaxing or Message Unit like those displayed.  Our Super Electrolysis Therapy Unit combines both of these, into one special unit with multiple  capabilities.  These units usually sell for  $39 -$89+  each.  Our unit combines both of these capabilities into our one unit for much less than either one individually, much less both.

      For first time buyers of Pain Eraser, we sell our Super Electrolysis Therapy Unit for a very special price, as available.  Watch for it.