Pain Erasers natural differences

Pain Eraser Performance

Pain Eraser is the most complete Pain Management process you have ever witnessed.  Roll it on and it is absorbed within seconds on most skin.  Results will dazzle you beyond belief.  Pain Relief is nearly instantaneous, smell is great, absorbs quickly & not greasy.  PAIN MANAGEMENT BLESSING from  NATURES PHARMACY:

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Super Electrolysis Therapy

     PairEraserRollon  is created through a harmonious interaction between  powerful, unique, all natural, super concentrated ingredients from natures pharmacy, in combination with twenty first century technology.

     The ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator is the technology that allows us to super enhance the synergistic interaction between the various compounds, amplifying their unique pain killing characteristics.

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When two or more matched ingredients combine in a synergistic relationship, the results are greater than the two perform separately.  When the EMPG is tuned with the blending process, there is a synergistic amplification.  The Ultimate in Pain Management is the result.

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The combination of the full strength, undiluted natural ingredients, amplified by the ElectroMagneticPulseGenerator, yields unmatched pain management.  From this formula, literally 100's of GOOD SIDE EFFECTS are made possible to you at no extra cost.  No other known Pain Management Tool can provide the results that Pain Eraser yields, and then give you 100's of free benefits to boot.  Welcome to one truly wonderful experience.

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Life Time Warranty

We are convinced that you will be pleased with performance.  Infact, we guarantee it.

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Dealers / Distributors are required to undergo a training program.  PainEraser is a unique compound and has so much more to offer than any other Pain Management product we know of, extended knowledge is required.  The ingredients and their performance.  The ElectroMagnetic Pulse Generator, the 100's of GOOD Side Effects, the colloidal silver generation,  & the Guarantee.

Exciting knowledge.

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