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You generate the pain for us - We will Erase It for You

OUR  PROMISE  TO YOU:    PasinEraser will make your life better & your performance superior.  ( let me explain how that is really possible )

     They tell us, Just Man Up:  That is great training advice but there is more to it than that.  Let's use a quarterback throwing a pass as an example:  As he cocks his arm to throw the pass, his shoulder pain automatically send a hard wired nerve signal to his brain.  For a few micro seconds his attention is  disrupted.  Even with his Man UP attitude, those hard wired nerves are going to over ride all training and send the signal.  In those few micro seconds, how far did his receiver run.  Maybe just 3 feet.  That means, with all his training and practice,  his pass will probably go off target, behind his receiver.  If he is successful, that means his mind must re calculate everything before he throws that pass.  While he is doing that, this big lineman just got about 3 feet closer.

  WHAT IF:  We could Erase that Pain before the game?  

If you would be interested in upgrading your performance, then we would invite you to test PainEraserRollon.  We Guarantee that you will be pleased, probably delighted with the results.  Your performance will be enhanced and from past experiences, I promise you, "it is better to be a Hero and not hurt".

HOW DO I TEST   PainEraser ?

Before you decide, please review the site, so that you will fully understand the remarkable capabilities of PainEraser.      Seriously - this is like nothing you have ever used before.  Nearly all other products will have only one or two of our 9 active ingredients and they will be further diluted with alcohol & water and a bunch of chemicals you can't pronounce or want in your body.


We will supply you with your  special price of $34.50 and cover the $5.00 shipping.  ( ship it free USA/APO ) Regular price is $39.95    When you are pleased with the results, we will set you as a Dealer, because your mother will steal this stuff from you.   ( one of our 3 oz. bottle of pure, undiluted, no water or alcohol,  could possibly make 10  bottles of the over the counter junk ).  

As A Dealer or Distributor:     Dealer:  You would be able to get your own product at Wholesale, in 3 bottle quantities, and supply your squadron / team with their needs, and be rewarded for your efforts.

Distributor:  Can have Dealers under them.

To enhance your comfort and performance, as well as those you care for, can only be considered a win - win situation.  Be the one that steps up.